Head-On Entertainment, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Chris Huntington, a professional musician, singer, songwriter, engineer, producer from New England. After falling asleep in his car and getting into a Head-On collision at 65mph (hence the name), Chris found himself migrating from Portsmouth, NH. to Baltimore, MD. where the music scene was more lucrative. The income would be greatly needed to pay for his doctors bills.

As Chris worked to pay his debt he became more involved in the Mid-Atlantic music scene, playing guitar in numerous blues acts including his own "Boston Baked Blues" and "The Big Picture". Chris eventually met Kraig Greff from Tonal Vision Studio where he became a regular session player and later joined The Crawdaddies.

Meanwhile, Chris noticed that most of the bands he performed with were lacking something, not songs, not musical ability, no, they weren't ugly (most of them anyway), what they lacked was quality representation. Chris eventually paid off his doctor's bills and became more involved with The Crawdaddies and saw that this band was also a very marketable act but poorly managed. So with the support of Kraig and Jacquie Greff (from Tonal vision), his family and with wife Anne by his side Chris decided to develop his own company to represent The Crawdaddies. This was the beginning of Head-On Entertainment, Inc.

As The Crawdaddies grew and became a regular fixture on College and festival circuits Head-On Entertainment started picking up more bands and representing them in the college market. Chris found many culturally influenced bands in the region with very talented musicians and focused on them.

Today Head-On Entertainment, Inc. is a member of N.A.C.A. (National Association of Campus Activities), NJ Casino Control Commission, W.A.M.A. (Washington Area Music Association) and Kids First Coalition for Quality Children's Media. Head-On exclusively represents over twelve acts in the NACA college markets and books many more artists at concerts, festivals and private events nationwide with Chris acting as the primary agent keeping a close business relationship with each artist and client.

Chris also still performs with and manages The Crawdaddies and often records with Kraig at Tonal Vision music.