Dave Tieff

“An Addict’s Song”

Dave Tieff, also known as “Straight Dave, the sober singer-songwriter,” has an inspiring story to tell—and to sing. Using a combination of autobiographical songs and uplifting speech in his groundbreaking performance of “An Addict’s Song,” he tells the story of how his drug and alcohol abuse lead to countless arrests, prison time, and the brink of death. He gives students the tools and information they need to make healthy decisions about alcohol, drugs, and abstinence; and erases some common myths of addiction by relating how he turned his life around 10 years ago-- on September 11, 2011.

Since then he has sold 100,000 albums independently, authored “Loving Life Sober” and written a song for the Amnesty International album that also included U2, Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews. Using music, humor, and brash honesty, “Straight Dave” takes the audience for a ride with a message they will never forget.

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