Old Man Brown

Old Man Brown is based in the Baltimore area, playing original Rock, Blues, Soul and Funk that honors earlier traditions with respectful arrangements and the highest standards of musicianship. OMB's repertoire includes an enticing collection of original songs written by keyboardist and singer Adam Scott-Wakefield and his late brother, drummer John Scott-Wakefield.

OMB's music is inspired by blues and rock legends such as Freddie King, Buddy Guy, Bobby Bland, The Allman Brothers and Little Feat. Surprisingly, the OMB musicians all grew up in rural New Hampshire, far from the blues traditions of the Southeast and the Midwest. The Scott-Wakefield brothers studied music, John at USC in 1996-97 and Adam at New York's New School in 2000, and played in a series of jazz and rock bands separately and together, from Los Angeles to New York City to Atlanta. But they craved the freedom of their own band and in 2001 reunited with long-time friends and fellow musicians Marshall Chapman (guitar), Paul Lewis (bass) and Alex Rankin (guitar).

The guys gathered on a farm in central NH, hosted by Chapman's stepfather, Peter Brown, aka "Old Man Brown," who opened his house to the band and cleaned out a "studio" in the barn for jamming. Thus was Old Man Brown born. The sudden death of drummer John Scott-Wakefield happened just as the band was completing studio work on the OMB demo. The band has recruited one of John's mentors, Billy Weeks, to fill his place.

The tunes are a fascinating mix of traditional rhythm and blues, southern rock and a new sound, all OMB's own. The demo showcases three originals: For That Someone (I Knew Before), Fool to Love, and Turn to Me.

With strong compositions, meticulous playing, inspired solos and skillful group improvisation, Old Man Brown offers up a refreshing contrast to the canned sounds of much popular rock music today. OMB displays an infectious commitment to innovation built on hard work and an unswerving respect for their music's roots. They envision the birth of a rock revolution firmly founded on those principles, and have fired the first shots.

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