The Players

With humble beginnings in traditional ska, The Players have successfully combined a number of musical genres to create a sound all our own. The band's unique sound is a rhythmic blend of high-energy music, characterized by the use of horn and percussion, accented off-beats, and the influence of a variety of musical styles, including rock, ska, reggae, and hip-hop. That's it.

The Players' members come from very diverse backgrounds. Three of the members go to school full time and study music. Two of the horn players grew up playing a lot of classical and jazz. Besides that, The Players' influences range from old school ska (Skatalites) to reggae, funk, hop-hop, jazz, second wave, even zydeco.

The Players are a DC-based traditional Ska band that really rips it up onstage. Because they have an incredibly tight horn section, some folks have labeled them Jazz-ska. I have made it my personal mission to disprove this theory, and as you can see in the text below, the guys end up doing it for me. Most of the comments below are from Andy Schneider.
Abram Jones
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