ST8 of Grace

After 15 years of Producing Gold & Platinum Hits with R&B/RAP Recording Artists Like (Twista/Layzie Bone/Doug E.Fresh/Dj Jazzy jeff & The Fresh Prince/Snypaz/Psycho Drama/Chu/Jazze Pha/Too short/Scarface/Rap-A-Lot/Jive & Motown) and many more to mention and lending his talents to (R.Kelly/ K-Ci & JoJo/Public.

Announcement/Total/Aalyiah/Johnny P/Mary J.Blige/Delilah) to name a few, Along with Composing music for T.V. Shows like (The Jenny Jones show and The Oprah Winfrey show) Also scoring The Cult Classic film"Crime Partners" Starring "Ice T,Snoop Dog and Tyrin Turner" decided to leave it.

All behind in 2008 to form a Rock band with Partner 'Ben Sticklen" from the Metal band "Black Thumb" called "ST8 OF GRACE" which the name was inspired From a classic movie. As the front man, Producer and Writer of the bands Latest album "IMMUNE" the challenge was refreshing for The Hip Hop Producer "i felt it was time to search for my own independence after helping a lot of Recording artiists with their careers taught me a lot and prepared me for my future, After years of R&B and Rap It stared to fill like a job, it was no longer fun anymore, All of my life ROCK was always my passion, but for a Rap Producer doing rock was unheard of, Times Have changed, when today's music began to sound recycled I was ready for a change and retired my tools of the trade to Rock & Roll, I'm a Big fan Of "Jimi Hendrix and "Lenny Kravitz" Says LA After a year of Cultivating their sound with original core members {Brad Bersano and Senuwell Smith} until it was ready for the world, The band disbanded for personal reasons. Then it was decided to surround the front man with a younger more energetic team for a fresh aproach to full fill the S.o.G new line up with {Dave Moreno and Tony Spalla} with touring keyboardist {Rio Colone} Music Critics Associate our music with Christian Rock "That's fine ,we have no label for our music, it's made for all Genre's, The Album Was created in mind as a mouthpiece for our fans, it was also created for people who appreciate music that relates to everyday life. Our shows are also very Energetic fueled with fire with every performance. We believe in giving are fans something special not just a show. We give'em something to remember. You Never know what LA will do onstage, it's always surprising even for the band at every show, says Ben. "ST8 OF GRACE" is an Empowerment and will always associate with the issues of our time in this world when you listen to our music Wether we are rewarded for it or not, we are a voice to be recknowed with, to encourage strength, joy and happiness in all of our songs. The music is real The message is real and it's refreshing to hear real music again. nothing is recycled and everything is created fromthe core.

EXPECTATIONS: As long as our fans want to identify our music with their lives, We will be around !!!!

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